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    Table of Contents

    Part One: The Bad Parts of ADHD

    Chapter 1What is ADHD?
    • Executive Dysfunction
    • Dopamine
    • What Causes Dopamine Dysregulation?
    • The Future of Medicine
    Chapter 2My Story of ADHD
    • Am I not trying hard enough?
    • How it feels like to be permanently disorganized
    • The void of Self Doubt
    • Imposter Syndrome & The Bad Feeling
    Chapter 3Getting Diagnosed
    • What it's like to get diagnosed with ADHD
    • Does medication really help?
    • The lack of next steps is a problem.
    Chapter 4Going to Therapy
    • Therapy is vital for emotional issues
    • Do no expect practical help from therapists
    • The limitations of Therapy for ADHD
    Chapter 5Neurotypical BS
    • Have you tried trying?
    • Does sugar cause ADHD?
    • Hustle culture is not compatible with ADHD
    • Mainstream opinions and attitudes must change
    Chapter 6Time & Energy
    • What is Time Blindness?
    • Why do we lose track of time so often?
    • Where does all of our spare energy go?
    • Capturing our lost time
    Chapter 7Some ADHD Misunderstandings
    • Doodling and other Coping Mechanisms
    • Creativity vs. Compliance

    Part Two: The Harsh Truths about ADHD

    Chapter 8Letting People Down
    • Disappointing People
    • ADHD Excuses
    Chapter 9Letting Yourself Down
    • Your missed goals are real
    • Your unrealized potential is real
    Chapter 10Take Responsibility
    • Your actions are real
    • Gain control to feel better
    Chapter 11Calendar Anxiety
    • Anxiety about deadlines
    • Anxiety about anxiety
    Chapter 12Stuff I Tried
    • Some experiments I tried
    • The limitations of 'brain hacks'

    Part Three: A Better Mindset

    Chapter 13Mindset
    • Building a Happy Mindset
    • It Should be Easy to do Hard Work
    • How to start changing your mindset
    Chapter 14The Long Game
    • Avoiding Stupidity
    • Play Poker
    • Accept the Inconsistency
    • Forcing Yourself
    • Binary and Non-Binary Tasks
    • Distractions
    • Work Ethic
    • Laziness
    Chapter 15Hyperfocus
    • The Hyperfocus Paradox
    • A Better Way to Handle Hyperfocus
    Chapter 16Healthy Stuff
    • Healthy Body, Healthy Mindset
    • Get Diagnosed
    • Medication
    • Drink Water
    • Sleep
    • Exercise
    • Diet
    Chapter 17Tacit Knowledge
    • Why Can’t You Just Tell Me What to Do?
    • Tacit Knowledge
    • You Must Acquire Tacit Knowledge

    Part Four: Build Your Strategy

    Chapter 18Components of a Strategy
    • What does a strategy need?
    • What 5 components are needed?
    Chapter 19Skill #1: Mindfulness
    • What is Mindfulness?
    • Mindfulness is Objectivity
    • Mindfulness is Judgment Free
    • Mindfulness is Better Solutions
    • 3 Ways To Become Mindful
    • Practical Implementation
    Chapter 20Skill #2: Planning
    • Planning With ADHD
    • Learning to Plan
    • Don’t Plan For Hyperfocus
    • Plan For Average Instead
    • A Plan Is More Than Just A Deadline
    • How To Fill In Your Plan
    • The Folly of Trying Hard (Sustainable Plans Should be Easy to Follow)
    • Building Good Plans
    • The 5 Plan Components
    • Failure is a Good Thing
    • But I can complete so much more with hyperfocus!
    • Practical Implementation
    Chapter 21Skill #3: Infrastructure
    • A Good Plan Needs A Good Infrastructure
    • All That Health Stuff
    • Environment
    • Tools
    • Reducing Friction
    • Dealing with Excuses
    • Accountability & Deadlines
    • Supporters
    • Practical Implementation
    Chapter 22Skill #4: Motivation
    • The Negative Externalities of “Finding Your Passion
    • Passion vs. Hunger
    • Practical Implementation
    Chapter 23Skill #5: Distractions
    • Why we get distracted so much
    • Internal Struggle
    • Three Types of Distractions
    • When to eliminate distractions
    • Practical Implementation
    Chapter 24Putting It All Together
    • Full Strategy Example
    Chapter 25Getting Stuck
    • I did everything right, but I’m still stuck
    • Do Something Scary
    • Do Something Else
    • Bonus