You have an ADHD brain

Learn how to use it.

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Be productive and happy at the same time.

Being both productive and happy is possible, but it takes a good strategy.

ADHD Pro is the field manual to start building this strategy. It's not a rigid schedule, it's an empathetic and rational set of guidelines to help you build a better life.

Things I used to say:

  • "I can only seem to get to work right before a deadline. I just can't get started otherwise."
  • "I worked all weekend on my project, but now I'm ashamed that I will never finish it."
  • "Sometimes I feel superhuman, but most of the time I can't get to work."
  • "I get distracted easily, and I think my coworkers notice."
  • "I never finish anything I start."
  • "I feel like an imposter."
  • "I feel like a failure."
  • "I can't focus."
  • "I'm so lazy."
  • "Why can't I just..."

Was any of that true? Did it help?

Having ADHD is a journey, not a one-time diagnosis.

You might have some medication and it helps. But did you ever build yourself a plan? Are you executing a strategy? Do you know what to do when you feel brain fog?

I struggled for years after my ADHD diagnosis because I never built a plan! I didn't even know I had to.

People with ADHD have unique brains. We are wired differently. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. We need to understand how our brains work so we can use them properly.

Being distracted is not a moral failure

ADHD is not something you can cure or fix. It's a neurological disorder that interferes with dopamine receptors in your brain.

But that's good news! It means your years of struggling are not your fault.

It means you have a discrete, understandable brain quirk that you can work to overcome.

It also means you don't have an "effort" problem. You already put in tons of effort every day just trying to stay focused, don't you?

Rather than hitting your head into your desk in frustration, zoom out and pick a new direction.

You need a strategy, not "brain hacks"

After working my way up (with a lot of pain) at a tech company, I realized I had built a large toolbox of strategies to help me with my ADHD symptoms.

Despite all of the cold hard "discipline" and "work ethic" I tried so hard to instill in myself, the most effective strategies turned out to be empathetic and compassionate.

It turns out, much of my suffering was tied to trying too hard, not because I was lazy. I kept "grinding" rather than harnessing my creativity. I kept "forcing myself" rather than identifying what was causing me anxiety. I kept going even though I had no plan.

After some long discussions with friends & colleague, I realized nobody talks about any of this. It's all about "brain hacks", "productivity tricks", or "work ethic".

So I interviewed dozens of other successful professionals who have ADHD, and found all of them following similar patterns.

I took my findings, and wrote this book.

ADHD for Adults

This book is not for children. I won't tell you to lower your own expectations nor will I tell you to set "smaller" goals.

This book is for mature adults who want to feel better, be productive, achieve their goals, and continue to grow.

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Release Date: July 2020
Length: Approx. 150 Pages

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