Sustainable Productivity for People with ADHD

The ADHD book written by someone with ADHD (me) who actually understands how your brain works (because mine works the same way).

Stop fighting your brain. Learn how it works instead.

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ADHD Pro by Robert Merki
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I have ADHD and this book has been life changing.

I have recommended this book to everyone in my life who also has ADHD and now I recommend it to you too, stranger.

Snorris, Review on

ADHD Pro is essential reading if you plan on succeeding with ADHD in your professional life.

Sukhans, Software Engineer at Microsoft

This is a really well-written and useful book.

There is a lot of eloquently described pain and resentment that the author feels having had to deal with many of these issues alone and without adequate support.

The strategies in the book are helpful and well-thought out. They have clearly been devised from a combination of intelligent reflection, trial and error and extensive research.

Chris, Review on Goodreads

Others said it, this is the best. Excellent balance of information with minimal pushing, written by a person who knows his audience perfectly.

For me, I recently decided to finally get to the bottom of it, found some youtube videos, a ton of books that all seemed good but ultimately didn't deliver as much. This one is different and it is life changing. You really have to read it to understand. Strategies or suggestions are on point and flexible enough for everyone to be able to adapt and use.

I plan to read this at least few more time, this book speaks to me unlike any other.

Zeljko, Review on

You can tell that the author is someone who has really learned through their own experiences.

The book is very clear, and I picked up a number of valuable insights as to how to not only cope with, but how to thrive with, ADHD.

CW, Review on

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Are you constantly fighting your brain?

  • Trying to force yourself to get started on everyday work?
  • Powerful bursts of hyperfocus that you can't seem to harness on command?
  • Frustrating days of brainfog & zero productivity?
  • Feel like you're missing your potential?

You need a Strategy

Robert Merki

My name is Rob, and I spent my entire life struggling with ADHD.
I tried everything they threw at me.

  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Multiple new diets
  • Dopamine fasting
  • "Get a planner!"
  • Cold showers
  • "Discipline"
  • Checklists
  • Therapy

Nothing was working because nobody really understood me.

I wanted to get more productive and achieve my goals, and I didn't want constantly fight my own brain.

After hundreds of hours of research & interviews, I came up with a robust strategy for people with ADHD who wanted to get more done without feeling awful all the time.

Start working with your brain instead of fighting it.

ADHD Pro is an insightful & interesting book clearly written by someone with personal experience.

It was so accurate it was scary.

Dr. Adam Gorner, Resident Doctor

The book is witty, intellectual, extremely helpful, and is one of the first ADHD books that doesn't treat you like a child.

Oren Zohar, University Student

It should be easy to do hard work.

You don't have to set smaller goals, "pace yourself", or be unhappy.

And no, the solution isn't to "hustle" or "grind".

You already work hard. Effort is not the problem.

I wrote this book without a single bad day.

I didn't grind or push myself, I just followed a good strategy every day.

I learned to work with my brain instead of against it.

Achieve more goals without the constant pain.

Real Symptoms, No B.S.
ADHD isn't just lack of focus. It's a whole range of dopamine receptor issues. Learn how these really affect your work.
Harsh Truths
Your symptoms are real and so are the consequences. Learn how to deal with this mentality, and how to gain control.
A New Mindset
Your mindset needs to change.
Get to work with a positive, sustainable attitude.
Real Strategy
Working hard should be easy.
Learn to build a better strategy one component at a time.
Eliminate Distractions
Don't block websites or delete apps.
Deal with distractions the real way: by being focused on your work.
Full Examples
Understand how to fully implement your own strategy. Read the walkthrough and start your journey.
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More reviews:

The best book I’ve read on ADHD.

The last section - the advice section - has practical, actionable things that can be done to help work with ADHD. Some of the language is a bit course, but over all, a great book.

Nom de Bloom, Review on

I just started your book, and I read 120 pages in one sitting.

So many parts of your book are ringing true...can’t wait to read the rest.

James Hottensen, Business Development Manager at Cap Base

Just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it

Extremely relatable as a programmer, and many of your anecdotes felt like you must have been spying on my life.

Excited to try out some of the practical strategies you suggested and see how they go for me.

Jake Cordero, Security Engineer at Facebook

The Most Needed Book for Being Productive with ADHD.

So much practical advice and doable things. Author just made it easy and reliable source. Love it!!!!

Bala, Review on

ADHD Pro is different. The examples mentioned by Robert were exactly the same as mine.

I couldn't stop reading.

I found exactly what I was searching for.

Fares Chaker, Journalist from Lebanon

This book is an incredible tool for anyone who wants to work towards understanding and managing their ADHD.

The author Robert Merki goes through his personal experience and others that he has interviewed. He also included practical and real ways to better your approach to situation that occur with ADHD.

I found this book to be both helpful for my adhd self improvement journey and my self acceptance. Just reading/hearing that someone has gone through or felt what I have is so validating and gave me hope. I recommend this to anyone with ADHD or anyone who just wants a better understanding of it.

Ellice, Review from

The most useful book I've read in years.

I've only just got to terms with the fact that the reason for a lot of my problems, and for my failure to achieve any of my goals is that I suffer from ADHD - and while there are a lot of books on the subject of ADHD, there seem to be few that offer real solutions.

It's an encouraging read for a person like me who is ambitious, and not happy to just accept that having ADHD means your possibilities are limited. Further, it doesn't make wild claims (like, "it's a superpower"), but refers to solid research.

I felt utterly overwhelmed by how to manage my condition - this book broke it down for me into manageable steps. It's not necessarily easy, but doable. Even for people who can't hire a personal assistant to run their lives.

I liked the writing style as well - entertaining, yet clear and concise. (Which us essential for readers like me, with no patience...)

Bookworm, Review from Amazon UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not sure if I have ADHD?
Even if you aren't diagnosed with ADHD, you can learn a TON about how to build a more productive life. That being said, the majority of the content in ADHD Pro is directed towards those who have ADHD.
A book? For people with ADHD?! I can't pay attention to a book!
Give it a shot. Better yet, listen to the audiobook, narrated by me :)