positive productivity with ADHD
ADHD Pro by Robert Merki

Build a strategy for your ADHDwithout stress & anxiety

Learn how to become productive & happy at the same time, without relying on last minute stresses, "forcing yourself", or any other anxiety based motivation tricks.

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"I know I get more done, but I just can't stay focused."

Hi, my name is Robert Merki, and I've felt this way too.

I spent the majority of my life suffering from ADHD symptoms. Throughout school and the beginning of my career in tech, I was never able to complete side projects or stay focused on the work I needed to do.

I knew I wasn't stupid, since I would have random, infrequent bursts of amazing productivity and focus. But why couldn't I get focused like this on command? Am I just lazy?

You're not lazy, you just never learned to use your brain properly.

I spent all my life trying to "force myself" to get focused. I tried motivational techniques, music, diets, epic inspirational YouTube videos, apps, organizational tricks, you name it. None of it worked.

I had no strategy.

I got fed up and started contacting successful professionals who have ADHD. I wanted to know what they were doing to help overcome their own ADHD symptoms to lead successful, happy lives.

It turns out, every single person I spoke to had the same components to their own strategy. I took what I learned and put it to the test. It worked.

You can be productive without being stressed or anxious.

ADHD Pro is the field manual to build this strategy. It's not a rigid schedule, it's an empathetic & pragmatic set of guidelines to help you build a more successful life.

"I never finish anything I start."

  • "I can only seem to get to work right before a deadline. I just can't get started otherwise."
  • "I worked all weekend on my project, but now I'm ashamed that I will never finish it."
  • "Sometimes I feel superhuman, but most of the time I can't get to work."
  • "I get distracted easily, and I think my coworkers notice."
  • "I never finish anything I start."
  • "I feel like an imposter."
  • "I feel like a failure."
  • "I can't focus."
  • "I'm so lazy."

Sound familiar?

I love doing side projects, but I could never finish them. Every abandoned side project was something I was ashamed of.

If I was so hyperfocused for a day, why was I unable to get back to work the next? My assumption was that I was too slow, that I needed to go faster somehow.

Your life probably looks something like this:

A graph showing hyperfocus with ADHD

Did you ever consider slowing down?

Most people with ADHD have big goals, so we try to use equally big actions to get there. The truth is that most goals are achieved by methodical practice, not supersonic sprints to the finish line.

There is no one "brain hack" or "tip" to help you set a sustainable pace. You need to figure this out for yourself by becoming my mindful of how your brain operates. You need tacit knowledge. This book explains how to gain that knowledge and use it.

"I get distracted so easily, how do I stop?"

I used to think that all my problems would go away if I simply removed every distraction from my life. Guess what? I just found new distractions.

Distractions aren't the problem. They're a signal that something is wrong.

You're probably burning yourself out, trying to sprint as fast as possible. Try slowing down instead. Keep your goals big, but focus on sustainable progress.

Sustainable, healthy progress is the way you can keep yourself happily productive on whatever project or work you want to do. If you're happily productive, those distractions you were so worried about will usually sort themselves out.

Your symptoms are not your fault.

ADHD is not a dietary issue. It's not something you can cure or fix with "one simple trick". It's a neurological disorder that interferes with dopamine receptors in your brain.

But that's good news! It means your years of struggling are not your fault.

It means you have a discrete, understandable brain quirk that you can work to overcome.

It also means you don't have an "effort" problem. You already put in tons of effort every day just trying to stay focused, don't you?

Rather than hitting your head into your desk in frustration, zoom out and pick a new direction.

Build a strategy, not "brain hacks"

Most ADHD books miss the bigger picture. They talk about different techniques or "brain hacks".

You don't need a gimmicky new trick. You need to build a better foundation in your life.

Tips and tricks only work as part of a bigger system. Bullet journaling and other methods won't help you overcome the larger factors getting in your way. One trendy "method" isn't going to change your life.

You need a strategy.

ADHD for Adults

This book is not for children. I won't tell you to lower your own expectations nor will I tell you to set smaller goals. I won't infantilize you or talk down to you. I will be blunt and honest about the successful strategies I've observed and learned myself.

This book is for mature adults who want to feel good while working towards their goals.

Happy Progress Without Sacrifices

This book will not unlock your ability to work 100 hours per week, nor will you be able to "grind it out" regularly. With the right strategy in place, you won't have to.

ADHD Pro will help you build this strategy and get you closer to your goals in a healthy, sustainable way.

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Release Date: August 2020
Length: 111 Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the book be released?
I am in the late stages of editing and hope to be complete by the end of July or beginning of August.
Where will the book be sold?
The book will be sold on Gumroad to start.
Can I get a physical copy?
I might release a physical copy in the future, but I have no intention of doing so at the moment.
What formats will be available?
When you buy the book, you'll receive a zip file containing PDF, Mobi, and EPub formats.
What if this book isn't for me?
Send me an email with 30 days of purchase and you'll get a full refund with no questions asked.