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The Ultimate ADHD To-Do List

Robert Merki

So many people overcomplicate their task management.

Stop it.

ADHD makes us want some shiny new thing to help us become more productive. The reality is that these "anti-descrations" just become new distractions.

You don't need a complicated todo list or shiny new task management software. You're going to forget to use it, and it's going to make you frustrated.

If you need to make a checklist, make ONE checklist.

If you need to use an app, use ONE app.

Don't try to assemble a complex structure to solve your focus problems. Focus means doing one thing at a time. So try that.

Here are the top checklist apps for people with ADHD:

  • The default notes app on your phone
  • A scrap piece of paper
  • The most basic text editor you can find


Don't overcomplicate it.

You don't need a shiny new app. You don't need a Notion "system" with a thousand different features and processes. You just need one thing, and that's a simple checklist.

Keep it simple. Keep it focused.

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