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Getting Stuff Done with ADHD

Robert Merki

How do you get stuff done with ADHD? Is passion required? Or is it something else?

In this episode, Danny and I continue our podcast series, this time we talk about getting stuff done with ADHD. This involves rethinking how to approach motivation.

I argue that we need something different. We need Grey Motivation.

Grey Motivation is a subtle, calm set of motivation. It's not obsession. It's rather boring, in fact.

Are you someone who always tries to focus in on obsessions, or do you try and find a different approach? (Hint: the different approach works much better).

If you are, try Grey Motivation. Danny helps me explore this concept in this wonderful podcast episode.

I also dive into how I was able to start and finish writing ADHD Pro in 3 months.

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Be sure to check out Danny's incredible YouTube channel: ABCsofADHD

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